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Arriaga, Nadia arriaga at chapman.edu
Thu Sep 2 10:03:35 PDT 2010

Dear Students,

My name is Dilshan Somaweera. I am a returning Master of Arts in
International Studies (MAIS) student, a U.S. Department of State Foreign
Affairs Campus Coordinator and the Chapman International Studies Student
Association (CISSA) president for the 2010-2011 school year.

I, along with other MAIS students, decided to form CISSA for a host of
reasons.The reason of most pertinence to you is that we recognized that
our program (MAIS) does an excellent job of equipping us for a career in
the broad field of international studies, but is still too young to
provide its students with the links needed to secure a meaningful summer
internship and thereafter gainful employment.

In short, CISSA exists to help you. This means making the connections
necessary to get you an internship that suits your individual interests,
raising money so that you can offset the costs of interning abroad,
finding you language training at a minimal cost, and connecting you with
representatives from your top-pick employers so that, upon graduation,
you can apply and interview for positions before they are listed
externally (i.e. before they get listed on USAJOBS).

Helping you is of interest to me and to all CISSA members because we
understand that - unlike the Fletcher School at Tufts or the Kennedy
School at Harvard - MAIS at Chapman is newly established and lacking in
recognition (however, I can tell you from experience that if you work
hard, you will find that students from more noteworthy schools are no
better equipped than you will be). Further, CISSA understands that
recognition as it relates to programs like ours has very little to do
with a campus and everything to do with the assumptions outsiders make
about the quality of students on a particular campus.Therefore, when we
(MAIS students) intern or find employment and prove our academic prowess
to be on par with that of a student from a more recognized school, it
reflects positively on Chapman and outsiders make positive assumptions
about all of you. Likewise, it is in our interest to help you in all of
your endeavors so that employers will make positive assumptions about us
after meeting you.

Join CISSA and tell us about your unique internship/career interests so
that we can help each other.


To Join follow these steps:


1.	Go to: http://chapman.orgsync.com <http://chapman.orgsync.com/> 
2.	Click on "Login" on the tab at the top, all the way to right.
3.	Log-in using your Chapman email (ex: smith104) and password.
4.	Go to "My Orgs" at the top and click on "JOIN AN ORG".
5.	Enter "CISSA" into the search bar and click "SEARCH".
6.	Click the "JOIN" button.




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